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No. 2 in the Power Rankings? What Do the Rapids Have to Do?

So the MLS Power Rankings Have the Rapids at #2! We know better!

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Ever-So-Subjective-MLS-Teams-We Like Meter is out, also known as the MLS Power Rankings.  Lo and behold, the Colorado Rapids are #2 behind (drum roll, please) the Toronto Irwin-Moors (Toronto FC).  Their explanation:

A huge jump for the top team in the Supporters' Shield standings... and yes, that means the Power Rankings Politburo is finally on board. The Rapids just keep finding a way to get it done.

Yippity-skippity! Seriously, I'm glad we're getting some love.  Considering everything the pundits (and the media)(and the Burgundy Wave) were saying about this offseason; and considering how the Rapids started the season #20 out of 20 in the power rankings--this is a nice position for the fans.  A welcomed change.

One wonders if Toronto FC didn't have 16 of the final 25 at home if they would rank the Rapids at #1.  As we've always established, prognosticating about the future trajectory of a team is an exercise in futility.

And really, what rankings matter more--power rankings by the MLS staff, or being atop the Supporters Shield this far in the season.

Here are my questions:

  1. Do these rankings and the rationale behind them bother you or do you shrug them off?
  2. What do the Rapids have to do to be #1 in those rankings, even as we sit two points free on top?
So what do  you think Rapids fans?  Are the Burgundy Boys ranked properly?  Hit us up in the comment section below!