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Hair Madness! Flock of Seagulls Bracket RESULTS! (Updated)

Who's hair had the most flair? Are there any surprise upsets?

Diego Fagundez scored a game-winning goal this week. But how did his hair do in our poll?
Diego Fagundez scored a game-winning goal this week. But how did his hair do in our poll?
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Votes are in! To see the pics from the original article, check here.

No surprise here. Mix absolutely crushes it. Can anyone stop him?

Mikey wins with a healthy margin. Both would have been solid sleepers for the next round. Mikey's hair has gimmick factor that Diskerud's doesn't.

(writers note: I misread this pie chart, because I'm an idiot. So I re-wrote this.)

Fagundez' defeat of Zardes could be purely on hair- there's a lot going on there, with scalp shavings and a mohawk and a ndblond streak and product. But it also could be the inherent disdain of BWave readers for all things Galaxy. Let's hope we can discard our petty tribal beefs and focus on beautiful hair. I'm a hair purist I guess.

That makes sense. Pretty sure StormInMay picked Perrinnelle not because his hair is anything special, but because she has a thing for handsome French men. Emma, maybe go more international with your love. Italians have a pretty solid reputation with that.

Local boy makes good. No surprise there.

No upset, but I was surprised. I like Bill Hamid's hair a lot- very understated. Maybe Bobby Shuttlesworth would have made a better choice.

Even though he's a former Rapids hero, Casey didn't totally dominate the voting here. Bodes poorly for our boy going forward. OTOH: Khiry Shelton has great hair.

Rogers fends off Shea. I thought the lime green pants might make this a contest. But... no dice.

Friday we'll be dropping the competition for the Second round... stay tuned, and keep that hair clean and pristine.