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Player Ratings: Colorado Rapids vs Toronto FC, April 2, 2016

The Colorado Rapids took advantage of an early yellow card and a beautiful goal by Solignac and held on for a 1-0 win. Here is how I thought the team did during the match.

Serna just after getting his shot off against Toronto FC.
Serna just after getting his shot off against Toronto FC.
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

A quick yellow and then a straight red changed this match. But it was all in the benefit of the Colorado Rapids. The Rapids got an early goal and held on for a 1–0 win over Toronto FC.

It wasn’t as easy as it should be. The Rapids didn’t finish a couple opportunities that could have extended the lead and seemed to turn off at a few points in the match that allowed Toronto to get on the front foot. I just have to say this, Sebastian Giovinco is fun to watch.

For the Rapids, Luis Solignac had a good match and was working hard; Sam Cronin was getting up and down the pitch; Axel Sjorberg was disrupting things on the backline; and Zac MacMath made the saves on a few opportunities sent his way.

For me, Eric Miller had a tremendous match. He got into good positions all evening and keep things calm on the right side. Two concerns for me in this match. The first is that even though they were up a man, the Rapids didn’t look like they had the advantage. The second was the bench, the Rapids only had five on the bench instead of the usual seven. Where was the depth?

Take a look at the bottom of this article for a summary of the community ratings this season.

Here are my thoughts on the match, as well as your community ratings. The community ratings are in parentheses.

Zac MacMath - 6 (7.22) Zac had a good match and dealt with the shots that were put on goal. He made a fine save on Giovinco’s free kick in the second half that was curled around the wall and was heading to the top corner. MacMath had some poor clearances in the first half that could have caused problems.

Marc Burch - 6 (6.49) Burch was solid and probably deserved his yellow card. He made some good crosses and helped the Rapids get up in attack. I just don’t see him as the everyday left back. If Mekeil Williams is healthy, I think he is in the squad.

Bobby Burling - 7 (6.58) Bobby got his first start of the season and put in a good 90 minutes. He made some quality tackles and stopped several good opportunities for Toronto. Burling also drew the second yellow on Benoit Cheyrou that got Toronto to ten men.

Axel Sjorberg - 7 (6.58) Sjorberg was like his normal self, causing problems for the opponents attackers and doing a good job of getting under their skin. It was particularly interesting to see the 6’7" Sjorberg next to the 5’4" Giovinco.

Eric Miller - 7 (6.48) Miller had a good performance back from international duty with the U.S. Men’s Under 23 team. It was peculiar that he wasn’t in the squad when they returned to the states. He was able to deal with a ball deep in their defensive half, making a turn and getting the ball away from danger. He was also equally good at getting forward and putting attacking pressure on Toronto.

Sam Cronin - 7 (6.69) Sam worked hard all match and was able to get up and down in his defensive roll. He managed to get two shots off during this match, neither was on target. He was probably lucky not to get a yellow in this match.

Micheal Azira - 6 (6.63) A rather quiet evening for Azira. He primarily stayed in front of the back four letting Cronin move up into the attack.

Dillon Powers - 7 (6.63) Dillon had another good match and is building in confidence. He had a good interception early in the match, put a header off the post on a corner and another shot right at Clint Irwin.

Shkelzen Gashi - 5 (6.30) Gashi just had an average match, getting five shots off but none on target. He seemed tired after international duty. One of the things I noticed about Gashi is that is likes to favor one foot and that took a good opportunity away from him in the second half deep in the 18 yard box.

Marco Pappa - 7 (7.70) Pappa seemed to tire as the match went along. His beautiful assist on Solignac’s goal was perfect. In the second half he had a good opportunity to shoot at the top of the box and seemed to look to pass or beat the defender on a dribble. He probably should have been thinking of a shot.

Luis Solignac - 8 (7.64) What a beautiful goal. The ability to take the ball out of the air, settle it and beat Irwin was nice to see after a year of futility with the Rapids. He also worked hard, even tracking back to fill space left by Gashi on a rush by Toronto in the first half. A good, overall match by Solignac.


Dominique Badji - 5 (5.36) Badji played decently but needs to pay more attention and not be offsides while looking down the back line. He did get a good shot off.

Conor Doyle - 5 (5.76) Doyle saw his first action for the Rapids. It was a good shot and was unlucky to not have it go into the net. He probably certified his Rapids thug life credentials with a yellow pretty soon after coming on.

Dillon Serna - N/A (6.19) Serna came on in the 82’, so not a lot of time for a rating for me. Though he did get a good shot off.

That is how I saw the match. What are your thoughts?

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