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Burgundy Links: 4 April 2016

Coming to you from 37,000 feet over Idaho, Burgundy Links

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Monday, Colorado Rapids fans!!!   Are you still excited about the match on Saturday or are you eagerly awaiting the first Rocky Mountain Cup match of the year at Rio Tinto?  Regardless of what you are up for, here are a few of the articles that we are following today (and in my case on an Alaska Airlines flight to Denver right now):

From Friday night, the New England Revolution picked up their first win of the year

Yeah, there was snow, but come on.  It's not like it was Snow Classico snow.

One of the shockers of the weekend was RSL beating Sporting.  In Kansas.

Columbus still has not won a match this season.  Is it panic time for the Crew SC?

Seattle picked up their first W of the year and it was long overdue.

This game was pretty terrible.  But a draw on the road....

Two MLS originals tied 1-1 in California on Saturday night.

Not sure what this means, but Orlando kicked the crap out of Portland.