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Rapids Win Over Toronto FC Not Legit? Wrong! Here's Why!

Some of you Rapid fans don't believe was legit due to varying factors. Here's four reasons why you're wrong.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

It's interesting how Colorado Rapids fans processed our win Saturday night against Toronto FC and sent former Rapids' Clint Irwin and Drew Moor home.  I loved what one said, "And once again, Irwin was in Colorado for another 1-0 loss."  Indeed.

But here are some observations I heard that made the win the Rapids earned a bit less legitimate and kept many fans from full-blown positivity. Let's begin:

Objection #1: We played 11v10 the whole game. And...?  While that second yellow on midfielder Benoit Cheyrou may have been a bit suspect (may have), he put himself in that position just minutes ago that was detrimental to their team. And sure, the referee Ismail Elfath's showing left much to be desired, Cheyrou earned a yellow, then two minutes later committed a foul on big Bobby Burling that looked damaging. The Rapids played the hand they were dealt.

Objection #2: Luis Solignac was offside on that goal.  No, he wasn't.  Just stop it. Seriously.  Stop it.

All right, I know that in-depth analysis was awesome, but let's look at this seriously. Thanks to Jason Maxwell for posting this pic:

Just as the ball leaves Marco Pappa's foot, Toronto's Drew Moor (man, that's still painful to write) and his elbow is keeping Solignac onside.  And plus, look at the positioning of the assistant referee. That, along with looking at the cut of the grass--I think it's a reach to say Solignac's goal shouldn't have counted. Plus, that touch. That control. That cool shot to the back of the net. Well done upfront!

Objection #3: The Reds weren't at full strength.  No, they weren't. Jozy Altidore came in late in the game due to his work with the USMNT. I want to remind you that weren't not at full strength either. Kevin Doyle is out for at least the next month, Jermaine Jones is out for the next couple weeks serving his suspension.  Marco Pappa and Shkelzen Gashi were back from recent international stints and were taken out early. If both teams were at full strength, there's no logical reason to think the Rapids wouldn't walk away with a win.

Objection #4: We didn't score any more goals after Solignac's in the 18'. We were knocking at the door, though (15 shots on goal in the second half!). But lest we forget: Clint Irwin is a top-flight MLS goalie. And TFC has a solid backline, bringing back why we loved Drew Moor as we did (he had a great game, as you noticed).

Rapids fans, we're a Zac MacMath botch from having nine points and being in second place behind the FC Parejas. Seven points and in fifth place is encouraging. This was a legitimate win, right?  Right?

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