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Shkelzen Gashi and Jermaine Jones Fight

Can we stop talking about how it looks and more of why it matters?

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

The Fight

Okay, I'm sorry I'm bringing this back up but its something that I think Colorado Rapids fans really need to talk about. If you missed it, to put it simply, Shkelzen Gashi and Jermaine Jones during the Seattle Sounders game had a little tussle on the field about who would take the penalty. Watching that play unfold live looked terrible. I almost felt a little embarrassed that something like that even happened. I also remember the people around me feeling and expressing those same things that I felt.

We are now a week later and I have given the whole incident some thinking. Honestly, I can only look at it as being a positive thing for the Rapids, and I hope to see that same fire in games to come. I have written about the change of culture here in Colorado, and how we want the world to view the Rapids, and I think this is a perfect example of what we are. We are a scrappy team that just continues to gain swagger with every win. We play a very fast and fiery game where every single player wants their part in winning. Thats the key in this whole moment. We have two guys who want to be THE guy. Take a look at any major sports league anywhere in the world, these moments of players "fighting" happens all the time.

For me, perfection doesn't always have to be reached perfectly. Yeah it might have looked bad, but look at where we are. If we are loosing games that moment is huge, and should most definitely be looked at as a negative. We aren't loosing games right now though, we sit in second place for the Supporters Shield, so view it as a positive. What can be so bad about players that want to win, and want to score? This is a different team and like I've said before, "We are onto something special." So stop talking about how it looks and more of why it matters. What do you think? Let me know in the comments!!

The Month of Death

I wrote an article at the beginning of the month asking people how many points this month do the Rapids need to get to make you happy. Here are the results:

0-3 points (5 people)

4-6 points (9 people)

7-9 points (39 people)

10-12 points (13 people)

13-15 points (4 people)

We have 12 points currently and tomorrow have the opportunity for 15. My point, every Colorado Rapids fan should be happy about how this team is playing right now. This team just seems to get better with every win. So enjoy this time right now Rapids fans! Regardless of what happens tomorrow we have done something amazing so far, so be proud of the Burgundy Boys.


Side note: We had 9 total wins last year. We are already creeping up on that total already! (knock on wood)