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#COLvSEA: The Good, the Bad, and the Awesome

What an atmosphere Saturday night at Dick's Sporting Goods Park! Here are some thoughts from the South Stands about the good, the bad, and the awesome from the Rapids win against Seattle.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

The Good

  1. Don't look now, but we've got a fortress on our hands. Four in a row, gang! Four straight at home, and those 12 points put us in 2nd place in the Western Conference with 16 points, just one point behind the Dallas Flying Parejas! (How I wish for a Western Conference Finals between our Rapids and FC Dallas!)
  2. The fire in the team. While this will be also listed under the 'bad,' seeing Jermaine Jones and Shkelzen Gashi fight over the penalty (which Gashi eventually missed). Jones has clearly brought an edge to this team that was oh so desperately needed. He wants the ball (leading to some careless fouls at times), and he has a nose for the ball and the back of the net (two goals in two games).
  3. Belief. This teams believes they can win. For me, this (apart from talent) separates them from 2015. No parking the bus. No settling for 1-0 wins that they could not hold.
  4. Attendance. I sit in the South Stands. I love my little corner of paradise. I could make SnoClasico 2, but I made it to the first two home games, and my section (121) would be sparse in attendance (my boys could stretch out and run up and down the row without being within 10 rows of someone). Saturday? Full, likely due to four elementary aged teams who played a quick game at halftime, which brought parents, uncles, aunts, grandparents, friends, etc.  It was beautiful! But it translated into a great atmosphere that we could use more of. And the more the Rapids win, the more that will feed the atmosphere.

The Bad

  1. Jones v. Gashi. As much as I loved seeing the fire and competitiveness in these two, it all came across as rather petulant as well. My question is, what role should Coach Pablo Mastroeni have played in this? I'm asking this hoping for some answers on Twitter or in the comments section: is this something that teams predetermine? In the days of yore (translate: last year), Vicente Sanchez took them and was unstoppable, unlike Gashi. And Jones was clearly miffed! Is this selfishness? Is this wanting what's best for the team? Let me know what you think. I think that this should never happen again because should the Rapids fall on hard times (perish the thought!), those moments could divide a team. Fix this, Coach!
  2. Hmm... that's all I can think of. Moving on!

The Awesome

That's easy. Sixteen points. Winning our first four at home. Fans are feeling good. Next up? At Montreal to play the Impact (2:00 pm MT), then welcoming Real Salt Lake Saturday, May 7th, 7 pm.

What were your good, bad, and awesome from Saturday?