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The Colorado Rapids Need To Defend The Fort

We are 3-0-0 and have a great opportunity to make it 4-0-0

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It's no secret that Dicks Sporting Goods Park hasn't really been all that difficult of a place to play and get a result as the away team. Instead of the Fortress its felt a little closer to feeling like the Sandbox. Last year we won a magical five total games at home. That means as a season ticket holder, I can comfortably say that I and probably most other fans left DSGP happy  only about 30% of the time. This year though we've got a new team and a new identity, and its starting to feel a lot more like a Fortress. We are 3-0-0 and have a great opportunity to make it 4-0-0. We face a Seattle Sounders team that has struggled to find their form early on, but are just starting to heat up.

Let The Weather Bring The Fans

My guess is that it will be packed at DSGP on Saturday. We are finally going to have some perfect weather and to add to that, we have Jermaine Jones. So, GET TO THE GAME! I personally think that when The Fortress is rocking, its on par with any stadium in MLS. We have an amazing group of supporters and I'm so excited to hear all of you come Saturday. It's one thing to have the players defend the Fort, but it's up to us fans as well.

Oh My Gashi Needs to Score

Shkelzen Gashi has looked pretty good this season. He currently leads the team in shots, but has only netted one goal. He has 18 shots but only six on goal. If he can clean up the long ball he will be extremely dangerous. In my opinion, he has been pretty unlucky at times, but he is usually part of critical connecting passes. The problem comes now with the injury to Marco Pappa. We need our big players to step up in his absence, and that includes Gashi. Bottom line is that one goal in six games is not going to cut it. If we are going to be successful in this upcoming stretch we will need much more from Gashi.


I might be alone when I say, "I love how the Rapids play." We lead the league in fouls committed and its exactly what Pablo Mastroeni wants. He has said numerous times that he wants his team to be relentless when they loose the ball, and to always play at a fast pace. Honestly looking back on the goals teams have scored on us, they have always come when we stop doing those two things. I say continue the scrappy game. Its not pretty, but we play much better when we play a rough game. It seems to work for FC Dallas, so why not us?!

Zac MacMath

Mr.Shakey Acres looked pretty good last game. He was cool and confident and didn't show signs of his normal self. If he can continue his form and clean up the spills, this team can definitely continue being a defensive force.

The Dillons

Who to start?!? What do you guys think? Who should be put in the role for the injured Marco Pappa? Dillon Serna or Dillon Powers? Comment below with who and why!

For me its Dillon Serna. The kid has got an absolute rocket, and good things just seem to happen when he's on the field. I hope Pablo gives him a chance on Saturday.