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Five Ways the Rapids Won More Than the Game on Saturday

Saturday was a big win for the Rapids in more ways than one.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Rapids have caught a lot of grief from every corner of fandom and MLSoccerdom over the last few years. But I'm telling you, this past Saturday night, they got a lot of things right. I admit, I thought the decision to have the game was foolhardy, but there were some great takeaways.

  1. The grounds crew. They had a tall order, getting that pitch ready in that weather.  That was Colorado-ready. Well done.
  2. Free hot chocolate and coffee. Free.  Hot chocolate. Coffee. Free. They could have made a fortune off the misfortune of fans who willingly chose to endure the elements. But they didn't, earning respect from every Rapids fan around.
  3. The Colorado Rapids Twitter guru: Of late, I've 'favorited' the Colorado Rapids account rather than simply nosing around trying to find it. They did an excellent job not only keeping us updated on the status of the game, but connecting well with the fans. That goes such a long way in, as Dillon Ross once said, "making lifelong Rapids fans."
  4. Our fans. Seeing the fans that braved the cold, and seeing C38 representing at the tailgate and during the game made me realize that our diehard fans are as good as they get. Events on the homefront prevented me from attending, but I watched and thought, "Man, I wish I was there!"
  5. Great personnel moves. Jermaine Jones receives a cross from Mekeil Williams for the first score. Marco Pappa is the straw that stirs the Rapids drink. Gashi is fantastic on and off the pitch.  I could go on. It's looking like this team is a team that will never be out of a game. No parking the bus, no settling for a 0-0 or 1-1 draw--it's such a different feel to this team.
What are some ways you thought the Rapids won on Saturday?