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Hair Madness Sweet 16 RESULTS!

The field of best MLS hair narrows to eight. Is your favorite player's hair elite?

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Only two more rounds of voting to go before we crown a winner! The final head-to-head battles of the elite eight will be concluded with a straight vote of the top four.

This election went down to the wire; with only two hours to go, there were two dead-heat ties in the bracket.

So I called in reinforcements and hit up the twitter accounts of several hair-sweet-sixteeners. And two sbnation sites, Massive Report and Hudson River Blue drove their fans to the polls in droves to swing the votes in favor of their crews. The result was: upsets.


Boom! Huge upset as MIX. GOES. DOWN. Mikey Lopez' avant garde style defeats the most talked-about hair in Major League Soccer. Meanwhile, the NYCFC fans couldn't save Andrea Pirlo from going down to defeat. A Lopez-Fagundez matchup in the Elite Eight is an awfully good battle between similar styles.


MarlyG vanquishes the talented David Villa. Can he keep it going against the dreamy Robbie Rogers? We all know how tough it can be for the Rapids to beat the LA Galaxy. Conor Casey, even with voting support from both Rapids and Crew fans, couldn't survive the handsomeness that is Robbie Rogers. Or that may be because this is a competition for best hair and he... doesn't have any hair.


Should local player Jermaine Jones have been able to fend off Lee Nguyen? Did the invitation to the readers of other MLS SBNation blogs skew the voting? Am I overthinking this too much? Before this vote came through, I thought that we might see a Hairston-Jones final. But now? No idea. And last but not least: AFFUL DEFEATS ODURO. I think its certain that that is the impact of Massive Report. But hey: Mt Royal Soccer had their chance to turn out votes. But I still want to leave you with Oduro's latest style. If he'd tweeted this a day earlier, would he have trumped Afful? I guess we'll never know.

Elite Eight voting will start tomorrow, so stay tuned!