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Colorado Rapids MatchDay: The Burgundy Starting XI

Here is your Starting Lineup for tonight against Sporting Kansas City!!

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Rapids are about an hour away from kick-off with Sporting Kansas City and this match represents a great opportunity for the Rapids to get a victory and more important score some goals.

The Rapids have three goals in five games and have clearly struggled in front of net.   While they are able to generate a number of shots on target, they seem to be firing them right at the goalkeeper or get robbed by incredible play by a defense.  (The RSL game is perfect example)  Sporting has a stingy defense much like the Rapids so this game could put a premium on goals of any sort.  This feels a lot like a 1-0 game, but which way does that go?  Or is this the game that the Rapids break out and score a ton?  We will find out in an hour

The Rapids Starting XI:

Zac MacMath, Marc Burch, Eric Miller, Bobby Burling, Dillon Serna, Sam Cronin, Micheal Azira, Shkelzen Gashi, Marco Pappa, Dominique Badji, Luis Solignac