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Player Ratings: Colorado Rapids at Real Salt Lake, April 9, 2016

The Rapids played a pretty good match. One mistake cost them again. Here is how I saw how the players did in Sandy, Utah on Saturday.

Bobby Burling defends Luke Mulholland in the match on Saturday.
Bobby Burling defends Luke Mulholland in the match on Saturday.
Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Rapids went into enemy territory on Saturday and put up a pretty good fight against the evil Real Salt Lake. But one mistake cost them and they lost this match 1–0.

The Rapids were doing pretty well against the potent RSL. They were limiting the opportunities and RSL never had a real shot on goal. But then Zac MacMath decided to go on walkabout and he ended up being chipped by Axel Sjoberg and Joao Plata was able to walk the ball into the net.

Why MacMath was this far out of the net is beyond many in who bleed burgundy. But when your offense can’t score, mistakes by the defense and goalkeeper are increased in magnitude. The Rapids have no place for errors.

One could argue that Shkelzen Gashi should have scored in the first half, but it was headed away by Aaron Maund. Luis Solignac also had a good opportunity before the half, but a bad first touch cost him against Nick Rimando.

One interesting stat, the Rapids had more shots and more shots on goal than RSL. Ponder that for a bit.

Here are my thoughts on the match, as well as your community ratings. The community ratings are in parentheses.

Zac MacMath - 3 (2.76) Zac had two mistakes, one was the goal that was given up and the other was soon after that. He got the ball and instead of clearing it he tried to dribble by the attacker. I just don’t know what he was doing. He did make a good play at the death, saving Yura Movsisyan’s header. I wonder if MacMath gets a night off on Wednesday.

Marc Burch - 6 (5.98) Marc had a good evening overall. He was tracking Plata’s run on the goal until he got knocked off by MacMath. He did do a good job of moving up and down the pitch and covered well when needed.

Bobby Burling - 6 (6.17) Bobby was steady and did a good job defending. He did take a yellow when Sjoberg slipped and he scrambled to take Plata off the ball.

Axel Sjoberg - 4 (5.71) Axel had a tough match. He had an untimely slip that cost Bobby Burling a yellow card and gave RSL a free-kick in an advantageous position. Then on the goal, he was tracking back and ended up catching the ball on his shin instead of foot and chipped MacMath. He almost had another bad turnover early in the match when he didn’t look when he passed back to MacMath and Plata almost intercepted it. He almost redeemed himself late in the match when he headed a corner back across goal but Solignac was caught flat-footed.

Eric Miller - 7 (6.22) I think Eric was the man of the match for the Rapids. He had a quality match and did a good job defending on the right side. He did a good job getting forward, even running a play with Shkelzen Gashi in the first half. He played Gashi to space and then made a looping run toward goal. Gashi’s cross came in and Miller just had the ball go over his head. That could have easily been a goal.

Sam Cronin - 5 (5.83) Sam was quite active in the first half, but only had five touches in the second half. That doesn’t reflect well on the Rapids when one of your midfielders is not getting the touches. This may be why the Rapids weren’t real effective in the second half.

Micheal Azira - 6 (6.63) Azira was the boss of the midfield. All but one of his touches was in the middle third of the pitch. He did get up and get a shot off and was offsides once. But his main roll was to stay back with the defense. I am wondering if it will be Cronin or Azira dropping when Jones comes in. I wouldn’t be surprised if Cronin is back to the bench.

Dillon Powers - 5 (5.93) Powers did draw two fouls and was lucky not to get a yellow card for his foul on Sunny right before he came out for Dominique Badji in the 79’. Prior to coming off, he didn’t see much of the ball.

Shkelzen Gashi - 6 (6.24) Gashi had a decent match but has yet to score for the Rapids. He was close and probably should have scored in the first half. He did get some shots off that were quite powerful, but were blocked. He also showed some leadership on the pitch getting on his teammates. I think Gashi will score soon for the Rapids.

Marco Pappa - 5 (6.61) Pappa did have some good moves and had a pretty good dribble around Kyle Beckerman, but also had the propensity to dribble right back into trouble he just got away from. He did get two shots on target. But was inconsistent on the corner. In one sequence, he put one two short that was cleared out for another one. The next one he cleared everyone.

Luis Solignac - 5 (5.59) What could have been. He was in alone on Rimando and the first-touch got him. He should have scored then. He also ventured offsides too many times. This isn’t always his fault, but his timing needs to be better.


Dominique Badji - 5 (4.61) Badji came on for Powers in the 79’. He had one good dribble down the sideline. His speed needs to be more dangerous for the Rapids attack to be successful.

That is how I saw the match. What are your thoughts?

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