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Time to Ramble about the Rapids vs. RSL--Ugh!

Word fail me. But (irony of ironies) I shall use words to express how words fail me. Go figure. Here we go a-rambling from the South Stands.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The ironic thing about this article is that I will use words to express how words fail me about Saturday night's Colorado Rapids game versus Real Salt Lake. You know, the Rocky Mountain Cup. Heated archrivalry. RSL! Yes, let's do this!

Oh, we had our moments, and surely our other capable writers exposed many headscratching, mind-numbing issues (mainly the substitution strategy--or lack thereof).

And I believe we've pounded enough on our goalkeeper, who arguably cost us four points this season already (three points against DC United and one point Saturday against RSL).  The Rapids' situation does not allow for any points to be left on the field.  And with Sporting Kansas City (away) and Red Bull New York (home) looming on the very near horizon, the Rapids could spin out, leaving 2016 looking a lot like the previous two seasons.

Please. No. Please.


Also, the Rapids play in the West (news flash!).  In looking at the standings, the Rapids would be 3rd or 4th in the Eastern Conference, two points behind the East leader Montreal Impact. We are five points behind the leader in the West in 6th. With 29 games left, we have no reason to think the way things stand currently will stand for the rest of the season.  Teams get hot, teams fall off--lots can happen. But man, this left an impression--but maybe it's just a one-off.

Once King Timmy the Brave Arrives, All Will Be Well, Right?

Tim Howard is a stud goalkeeper, but when Joel Robles took over the shirt this season for Everton, obviously his days were numbered after ten good-to-great years for the Toffees.  The scouting report on Howard is (1) great athletic ability and instincts, but (2) poor judgment at times. Now, what's the skinny on MacMath?  Poor judgment at times. So, before we get excited about Howard coming and replacing MacMath, we need to realize what we're getting and that Howard may not be the long-awaited savior. And to be fair, I haven't heard too many of our very knowledgeable Rapids fans claiming such.

Finally, Dear Coach, Please Use Your Players


See, Marcia Clark is on my side as well.  That is all.