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A Letter To Zac MacMath

The Colorado Rapids need more from you Zac, and you need more from you too.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports


I really try and stay positive man, I really do. Last year after finishing last I kept moving along, continued buying my season tickets, and urging fans to keep their heads up. It has been extremely hard the last few years to be a Colorado Rapids fan, but it shouldn't be that way this year. I don't need to tell you that this is our best team we have ever had, and that includes you! We have all seen what you are capable of. I mean take a look at your save from last game against Toronto FC, absolutely incredible.

You have shown everyone that you belong as the starter on this club and a player in this league, but we can't continue to drop points in games that we are in control of. Legitimately Real Salt Lake had maybe one good chance all game, and taking a look at that DC United game, I'm not sure they even had that many quality chances. It has been routine plays that have absolutely killed us this year so far, and if we continue down this path, the dominant west will make us pay. The Colorado Rapids need more from you Zac, and you need more from you too. I don't know what the future is going to hold for you, be it a career with the Rapids or another team. One thing is for sure though, I want you to be successful and so does Rapids Nation.

I definitely wont be the guy to blame losses all on one player and you don't deserve that type of criticism either. It's a team game and when we win or lose its all as #OneClub and as a team, every player is responsible. It's not your fault that the offense isn't supporting you with goals. Players will make mistakes every night, but when they do its up to the rest of the team to bail them out. I'm writing this letter now because taking a look at the upcoming schedule I am absolutely terrified. I have written articles about it this past week and I have actually been pretty confident in you and this club to make it a successful month, but after last nights loss I am feeling everything but confidence. It's extremely early in the season but I believe that this month could prove to be the most important games of the year. If we can get some results it will definitely keep us in this race, but if you and the team cant clean up the sloppiness, it wont be long until we see the bottom of the table again.

If anyone has something to play for, its you right now. I know you can step it up, I know you can make the big saves, and I know you will show us on Wednesday that you deserve to be here and in the MLS. All I am asking for is that 110%. We all saw it last night from the Real Salt Lake defenders and Nick Rimando, and that is exactly what we will need to have a successful month.

So what do you say Zac MacMath? Do you want to be here? Do you want to be a player in this league? Lets go show em' against Sporting Kansas City!

Its your time right now, and all we want is more.

But, you already knew that.


Chris Skirka,

Sec 130 Row 10 Seat 1