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Colorado Rapids MatchDay: Looking For Positives at Rio Tinto

The howler was bad. Very bad. But that's not all

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

I am trying to be positive.  I really am.

I get called out for being too negative.

I get called out for "not supporting this team" or "giving up on the Colorado Rapids."  But after the 0-1 loss tonight at Rio Tinto to Real Salt Lake, it is damn hard to be positive right now.

Some thoughts:

1)  The Howler--It was bad.  So very, very, very bad.  I don't even want to post the video of it so if you want to see it click here. Soccer is a team sport.  Teams win and lose as one unit.  It is so true.  But the bottom line is that soccer is a game of individuals as well and those individuals need to make the plays to keep teams in it.  Look, there is no guarantee that we keep the game level even if Zac MacMath does not make that mistake.  But he did make that mistake and that is something he cannot do.

2)  The Substitutions--Or lack thereof.  The Rapids made one sub in 90 minutes.  Just.  One.  Sub.  You cannot do this and expect to win games.  The guys were gassed at the end of this one and they needed fresh legs out there.

Or we had this amazing stat from tonight:

3)  The Goals--We have struggled in front of net for two plus years now.  Yes, Shkelzen Gashi got robbed by an amazing save by Aaron Maund, but come on.  Luis Solignac had a beaut of a chance that he fired right at Nick Rimando and the Rapids had six shots on goal.  But they could not score.  Which is the same as in 2015.  And the same as in 2014.  This is getting ridiculous and Tim Howard doesn't score goals.  The Rapids need to figure this out and soon.

The Rapids generated enough chances.  They were able to put pressure on the RSL goal.  But again, and this sounds like a broken record, they could not put it in the net.  This falls on the players to finish.  I want to blame Pablo, but he is not out there to score goals.  Players have to do their jobs.

So were there any positives tonight?  Well, Gashi played the full 90 for the first time and so he looks like he is rounding into fitness.  And his shot was amazing.  He just got bested by a better play.  And depending on other results they could still be above the Red Line going into next week.

What about you Rapids fans?  What are your thoughts on the match on Saturday?  Let us know in the comment sections below.