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My Girlfriend And Tim Howard

and a few other thoughts

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Casual Fan

I was sitting at breakfast on Thursday morning getting my french toast on and reppin' my Colorado Rapids shirt when my girlfriend starts the conversation with, "Did you know, if Tim Howard wasn't a soccer player he would want to play basketball for the Knicks?" Obviously I had missed the Good Morning America interview on Thursday, and she was schooling me with Tim facts she had learned. This guy is an absolute media guru. I feel like every single story about soccer the last few weeks have been about him, and whats even more impressive is that he brings the casual fan "my girlfriend" and super fans into the same conversation. Everyone is talking about Tim Howard, and most importantly, people are talking about the Colorado Rapids and it's exactly what we need. People who obsess over the statistical side of the game will hate that I put so much weight into the intangible, but the Rapids are in desperate need of an identity on and off the field and who better than Mr.Howard to be the Rapids flag bearer?! I can't be the only one that loves seeing the Colorado Rapids being talked about around the world. I personally think the players enjoy seeing it too. For once in forever Colorado seems like the place to be and the place to play, and I cant wait to see what and who might come in the future because of it.

USWNT Going To Battle

"Five players on the women's team filed a federal complaint Wednesday, accusing U.S. Soccer of wage discrimination because, they said, they earned as little as 40 percent of what players on the United States men's national team earned even as they marched to the team's third World Cup championship last year. The five players, some of the world's most prominent women's athletes, said they were being shortchanged on everything from bonuses to appearance fees to per diems." (via NY Times)

Bottom line is the USWNT deserve to be treated fairly. Especially in playing conditions and in pay. The only thing that I don't know is that if it should be equal pay no matter what or pay based on revenue generated. I also think the USWNT is only asking to be paid more fairly not exactly equal to the mens team. The argument has been made though that the women's team has brought in more in the last two years than the men's, and that would actually be true. The counterpoint is that the USMNT will overall, and more consistently be the bread winner for US Soccer and thats why in the eyes of US Soccer they deserve the higher pay. To be honest I'm a little lost on where I stand on this. What do you guys think? How should US Soccer move forward?

Get A Result Against Toronto

Welcome back Clint Irwin and Drew Moor!!

Now lets go out there and get 3 points. This is definitely a game where we can get a result and its the type of game that killed us last year. A game where we should walk away with points and we somehow came out of it with none. Its our chance to show MLS that DSGP will not be an easy place to get a road win. A win tomorrow would for sure get this team rolling. I cant wait! See you Saturday!

My prediction 3-1 Rapids, Shkelzen Gashi man of the match, and Zac MacMath recovers from his disastrous end to the D.C. United game with a great performance.


  • Im very anxious to see who we play in place of Kevin Doyle, personally I hope its not Luis Solignac
  • Jermaine Jones' return is coming soon and I cant wait. We are only going to be getting better as the season grows older. My only worry is that we wont be in the race once all the additions are made.