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Overlapping fullbacks signal some potential in the Rapids offense

A Colorado Rapids team with a true plan of attack? We might actually have something to that effect this year if last week's overlapping fullback show is any indication.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Right back Marlon Hairston was offside twice against the San Jose Earthquakes.

That might sound like a frustrating stat, or at the very least an unimportant one, but it's actually some physical, statistical proof of one of the most notable observations made against the Quakes last Sunday: The Rapids appear to actually be evolving on offense.

Last season for the Rapids was frustrating not only because of the fact that they weren't winning games, but because they were losing them while playing the blandest, ugliest offense some of us have ever seen a soccer team play. Remember Spain's 4-6-0 that they played for a few years? It was pretty much that, except instead of rotating attacking players in the six, it was stagnant defensive players doing nothing but sitting back and trying to occasionally boot the ball forward to whatever poor forward was stuck on counter attack duty that particular day.

One of the things that made us most skeptical about Rapids success this season was that going from that offense in 2015 to pretty much anything else seemed an impossible task. Somehow, the Rapids did manage to put together something resembling an interesting attack against the Quakes. Chances were created, possession was held in a third other than their defensive one, and passing plays around the park made the Rapids look like a functional offensive unit. They led the match in just about every attacking statistic, and the Quakes only escaped with a win because of a classic Chris Wondolowski poach when the Rapids were still waking up for the second half.

The most noticeable change in the Rapids offense was a very active set of fullbacks in Eric Miller and Hairston, both of whom were charging up the pitch at every single opportunity. Hairston was offside twice, and Miller had two shots in the match, two things that would have been unthinkable last season.

Will this keep up and will the Rapids attack actually look all right this season against all odds? It's not out of the question, which is better than most of us expected. Now let's see if the trend continues against a much better team in the LA Galaxy...