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Jermaine Jones Is A Rapids Player And It's Right Where He Wants To Be

The Rapids have a new #13 and his name is Jermaine Jones

John P Rosch for Burgundy Wave

The Colorado Rapids hosted a press conference today for new midfielder Jermaine Jones at Dick's Sporting Goods Park and over the course of 20 minutes, Jones answered a number of questions from the assembled media.   It was a great chance to meet Jones and he struck me as a very quiet and down to earth person who is dedicated to the Rapids and to help this team get to where it wants to be.  And Jones wants to be in Colorado.  He stated that on many occasions during his press conference that being in Colorado that being in Colorado was important for him.  From the grass pitch to feeling wanted, Jones wants to be here.

I understand that there is a fair amount of cynicism when it comes to the Rapids.  It's not as if they have lit the MLS world on fire in the last couple of years, but the team is working on getting better.  And unlike the proposed move for Tim Howard, bringing Jones in makes the Rapids a better team.   Here is a proposed starting lineup when Jones is back from suspension:

Jones offers the Rapids something they have not had in years: a true midfield destroyer.  He is a physical presence who can score goals, create chances but also mow you down if need be.  This is not something that the Rapids have at this point.

Jones makes the team better.

Yes, there are those who will never be satisfied with what the Rapids Front Office no matter who they sign.  Some people would yell if Messi was signed.  But here they have signed a very motivated midfielder who wants to put the incident last year behind him.  As Jones stated today:

"It's about trying to get their trust back"

That might be something for the Front Office to take to heart as well.  After two tough years, they are working on getting our trust back.   The front office is working hard to get the fans back and get our trust back.

The Jones deal is a great step forward in that regard.