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CONCACAF Appoints New Director of Refereeing

But can you still get CONCACAF'd?

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

We have all heard the jokes...or even made them ourselves.

"Man, that team just got CONCACAF'd!"

It's no secret that the refereeing in CONCACAF is poor at best and there have been a number of decisions that have impacted matches.  (Looking at you Mark Geiger in the Gold Cup)

Simply put, refereeing has to get better in CONCACAF, but it looks like that the region is doing something about it. On Monday, CONCACAF announced that they had appointed Brian Hall as the new Director of Refereeing.

From the official CONCACAF press release:

The Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) announced today the appointment of Brian Hall as Director of Refereeing. Mr. Hall will lead all aspects of refereeing in the Confederation, playing a key role in improving the Refereeing Department's operations and developing a professional workforce that enables CONCACAF referees to achieve and maintain a consistent, high-quality performance on the field.

Refereeing is one of the most critical functions for the Confederation and we are confident that the department's reorganization under Brian's leadership will establish an efficient structure to continue strengthening our operations," said CONCACAF Acting General Secretary Ted Howard. "Brian has a deep understanding of our region and an intense passion for refereeing. We look forward to having him lead the assessment and development of referees, while ensuring that our community of referees receives the necessary support to perform professionally and effectively on the field."

This is a good move for the region as the refereeing has been suspect, at best.  Too many games have had referees assert themselves and impact matches.  Games should be decided by players on the pitch, not the people in the middle.

Here is hoping this is a major step forward in the quality of the refereeing in CONCACAF.