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Breaking Down The Jermaine Jones Deal

Yeah, Burgundy Wave totally called this one.

Ashley Allen/Getty Images

We called it.

Totally called it.

Our (newly minted) Assistant Managing Editor of Burgundy Wave called out to the Colorado Rapids to sign Jermaine Jones.  In case you missed it, DAMN THE TORPEDOES!!!

But now that the deal is done and the dust has sort of settled on the move, what does it all mean for the Rapids?  Was this a good move?  Where will Jones play?  Some thoughts:

1)  The Move Itself: Here are the parameters (as reported by the Rapids):

Colorado Rapids have announced the acquisition of U.S. international midfielder Jermaine Jones from New England Revolution in exchange for general allocation money and the Rapids' first-round pick in the 2017 MLS SuperDraft. Targeted allocation money has been used on Jones' contract and he will not occupy a Designated Player slot.

2)  The Move Itself, Part Two: I don't know how else to say this, but this is a holy shit kind of move.  This was such a shock for the Rapids to do this it was almost unbelievable.  But now that it has happened, does it make sense for the Burgundy Boys?  Well, the Rapids gave up a lot for Jones.  A first round pick is not an insignificant amount for a player who is in his mid 30's and will miss 20% of the season--

However, the question needs to be asked:  Is Jones an upgrade in the midfield?  (Yes).  Can Jones play with the likes of Dillon Powers, Shkelzen Gashi, Sam Cronin, Dillon Serna?  (Yes).  Will he bring the toughness and grit that the Rapids lacked?  (Yes).

3)  But That Price Tag: Yes, the Rapids paid a hell of a price for Jones.  They really did.  But, is it better to get a proven player or draft a player that may or may not make it in MLS?  In general, players the Rapids have drafted do not necessarily work out that well and only a handful are true MLS stars.  That is not a reflection on the Rapids drafting ability, but the reality of MLS.  A draft, at best, is a crap shoot trying to find the next big star.  For every Ethan Finley who gets drafted, there are about 100 Nikita Kotlov's out there.  I would rather get the established player than a draft pick.

4)  But Seriously, the Draft Pick: Yep, the Rapids lose that pick next season, but take a good, hard look at the Rapids roster.  They have a lot of good and developing talent that I would rather the team work on getting them better than take a flyer on a college kid.  We have a developing development system.  We have a great partnership with Charlotte Independence.  Use those relationships.  Those partnerships to get players better.  Basically, losing that pick is not that big of a deal.

5)  BUT JOHN, PABLO IS OUR COACH: He sure is our coach.  And every Rapids fan has a right to be concerned about that fact.  How will Pablo use Jones?  Will he play him out of position?  Pablo has not exactly excelled as coach, and he has admitted this fact. But the time for worrying about Pablo and his job is over.  He knows he has to either shit or get off the pot, and the time is now.  And get this guys:

If the Rapids do not win, jobs are on the line.  Ownership will not accept this outlay of cash for a team that struggles.

Yes, Pablo has to get the tactics right.  He has to get the formations and players right.  And if he doesn't?  He will be sacked.

6)  So are the Rapids a better team? That's the real question right?  Are the Rapids a better team today than they were yesterday?  Undoubtedly.  And that is what's important.  The Colorado Rapids are a better team with Jermaine Jones on it.

What are your thoughts Rapids fans?  Are you happy with this deal?  Please hit us up in the comment section below or click on the poll and let us know.