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Let's Welcome Clint and Drew Back--with a Win!

For Rapid GK Clint Irwin and defender Drew Moor return to DSGP, this time in the colors of Toronto FC. Let's welcome them back--then let the burgundy roll!

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Drew Moor and Clint Irwin return to DSGP after serving our Colorado Rapids so well during their tenure here. I look forward to being there in the South Stands, ready to honor them and welcome them.

Drew spent seven seasons with our Rapids (2009-2015) and was an absolute delight. He embraced the fans, and the fans returned the favor. Clint Irwin played for three seasons between the burgundy pipes (2013-2015), coming in for Matt Pickens and eventually playing so well that Pickens was expendable.  Both of these men's stellar play kept the Rapids disaster of 2014 and 2015 being even worse. They should be commended, celebrated in Rapids lore, and welcomed back respectfully.

Drew departed with class. He did, however, bring up some issues in comparing Toronto FC and our Colorado Rapids:

As the league continues to change and continues to adapt, it’s important that organizations keep up with that. You look at the free-agency process alone and, like I said, teams have to make themselves attractive.

I’m not a person who needs all the bells and whistles and needs to be extremely well-taken care of, because that’s not who I am. But it’s important that the Colorado Rapids continue to progress as the league progresses or they might have trouble keeping up. As much as I loved the Rapids organization ... the league has come a long way since (Colorado won MLS Cup) in 2010.

You look at Toronto FC and they’re doing everything they can to keep players and to attract players.

It doesn't take a literature major to parse that out!  And I wonder if he would say the same thing since that quote from December 16, 2015.

I hold no ill-will or grudges that he did decided not to sign for the Rapids. The players with his type of tenure finally had the option for free agency, and I understand why he would go to a team that had more apparent direction, stability, and talent.

Irwin's trade for target allocation money, a 2016 and 2017 draft pick was necessary. Who knows when Tim Howard was a reality in coming to Commerce City, but Zac MacMath has experience and would work ably in goal.  Now that Howard is on the horizon, we can now see the plan coming together.  How it will produce on the pitch?  I'm not a prophet.

But let's welcome Drew and Clint back well. Cheer respectfully, honor their work...

Then cheer on our Rapids to go out and make them ready to get on that plane back to Toronto!

Let's go, Rapids!