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POLL: Who Replaces Kevin Doyle (for a bit of course)

If you saw the injury, you are not going to unsee that.

Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

By now, you probably know that Colorado Rapids striker Kevin Doyle was injured on Friday in a friendly for Republic of Ireland against Switzerland.  I am not going to scar you for life by posting the picture of the injury, but needless to say it's gross.

Very gross.

But it brings up an interesting point.  Assuming Doyle is out for a while (and we don't know how much time yet but it looks like it could be for a spell) who plays up front?

The options:  Shkelzen Gashi, Dillon Powers, Conor Doyle, Luis Solignac,  or Dominique Badji.  (Or maybe someone else I am not thinking of).

Ideally you would like your striker to be able to hold the ball up and be the big target forward that can score a lot of goals.  But do the Rapids have that type of player on the team right now?

So we are asking you Rapids fans?  Who would you like to see play up front in Kevin Doyle's absence?  Hit us up in the poll or in the comment sections below!