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Burgundy Boys on the World Stage

Let's give it up for our Burgundy Boys who've been called up by their national teams.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Marco Pappa called up by Guatemala.

Mekeil Williams called up by Trinidad and Tobago.

Kevin Doyle called up by Ireland.

Micheal Azira called up by Uganda.

Shkelzen Gashi called up to Albania.

Eric Miller and Dillon Serna to United States U-23.

Ladies and gentlemen of Rapid nation, that is seven on the Colorado Rapids' roster called up to international duty of their respective nations. This is tremendous! Our Burgundy Boys head to various parts of the world taking the Rapids name with them.

Well done!


We have a talented squad, and that gives us Rapids fans hope! A guarded hope, sure--but hope nonetheless. I commend the Front Office for stepping out and spending needed money in making these moves. The guardedness of my hope lies in the coaching. We can have the right players, but still need (1) chemistry--which will come, and (2) proper tactics and placement of players. But for the time being, let's support our boys as they play in North America, Europe, and Africa. As for me, I'm looking at my home-away-from-home's national team, the Soca Warriors of Trinidad and Tobago and Mekiel Williams!