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Balboa's Bicycle Kick and Rapids History: Why They Matter

The MLS website has a montage of top Rapids goals scored. Will any ever dethrone Balboa's? And why should history matter to Rapids fans?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

On my thrice-daily visit to the MLS website, I noticed they have on their homepage a montage of "The Best Goals in Colorado Rapids History."  You can watch it here:

Being in my fourth year of Rapid fandom, I loved watching these from talented players from days gone by. For many of you, it's a nice stroll down memory lane--especially those of you who followed the Rapids in the cavernous Mile High Stadium days. I tip my hat to you. You've helped bring the boys in Burgundy to our position today.

But I wonder: will any kick in Rapids history ever be able to dethrone Marcelo Balboa's bicycle kick from 2000 (which, by the way, won Goal of the Year)? It's hard to imagine. Other goals have have more significant meaning, especially the goals by Pablo Mastroeni during the second leg of the Eastern (!) Conference finals in 2010; and Conor Casey's goal from his hindquarters during the 2010 Finals.

Why Visit History?

Some wonder why we need to revisit days gone by. "Those days of yesteryear don't help us a nickle today." To a degree, they are right. But history matters.  Not just for lessons learned, but also for a way for us to forge an identity. History gives us the roots we need that were established in the past to help us move forward for the future.

Plus, for new fans, seeing those special moments adds to the newness of it all.  Not only are the present days new, but the history is new as well. Each of us has the tendency to think that our memories are the only memories there are. For me, anything prior to 2013 has little connection because I wasn't a part of it. Which is ludicrous!

Whether old or new fans, all of Rapids history is ours. Balboa's kick took place in the MLS Stone Age. But he wore the Rapids kit, so that kick will belong to all of us.  That's how history works--both the good and the bad and the ugly.

Back to the Original Question...

Will Balboa's bicycle kick ever be dethroned? Not unless a bicycle kick like that takes place in the playoffs or the MLS Cup Finals. He'd have to go all Zlatan on it all:

Until then, long live Balboa!