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Player Ratings: Colorado Rapids at DC United, March 20, 2016

The Colorado Rapids snatched a tie away from victory on a mistake by Zac MacMath. However, the Rapids did grow and showed some signs of the team we are expecting to see. Overall an average performance from the players.

Sam Cronin clearing the ball as Nick DeLeon challenges him.
Sam Cronin clearing the ball as Nick DeLeon challenges him.
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Rapids lone appearance on ESPN this year was highlighted more by the signing of Tim Howard than the performance on the field agains D.C. United. In a tough match that saw both teams struggle to generate anything, both teams were able to get a goal and take home one point each as the match finished 1–1.

The Rapids absorbed pressure in the first half with the home team coming at them. Towards the end of the half, they started to get more possession and creating opportunities.

Their moment came in the 69’ when D.C. United missed a great chance and at the other end, the Rapids went right down the pitch and earned a good opportunity. Marco Pappa put a beautiful corner kick into the box and Dillon Powers got his head to the ball first and put it into goal.

After that, the Rapids looked to be playing well enough to hold onto the win. However a mistake by Zac MacMath letting the ball get through his hands in the 80’ led to Fabian Espindola putting it into the net after it bounced around in front of goal.

This was a match where the Rapids could have had three points on the road, but getting a point on the road is never a bad trip. One thing, the yellow cards are starting to pile up for the Rapids. This is something that needs to be watched over the next couple of weeks.

Here is how I saw the match, as well as your community ratings. The community ratings are in parentheses.

Zac MacMath - 3 (4.31) Zac had a decent first half but except for the one handed save, it was pretty easy. He did make that big error in the second half that led to the goal. It couldn’t have been easy with your new replacement watching from the stands.

Marc Burch - 5 (5.71) Burch had a decent by quiet half. He was decent, but under pressure he seemed to be stressed a little. He is a dependable player, but more of a sub than a starter for me.

Jared Watts - 5 (5.33) This is a controversial starter for many Rapids fans. There is no question that Jared works his but off. However working hard is not always the answer. Something seemed off in this match.

Axel Sjorberg - 5 (5.90) Axel continued working hard and having someone with his height is a benefit on the backline. D.C. United was even working to get him out of the middle on set pieces.

Mekeil Williams - 6 (6.73) Williams continues to have strong matches and is making people believers. He got forward several times and once was pressuring the goal keeper. He did get a good cross in that Kevin Doyle should have gotten a head to.

Sam Cronin - 6 (6.45) Sam had a solid but not spectacular night. It is just a solid defensive midfielder playing his position. The problem is the Rapids have two of them.

Micheal Azira - 5 (6.02) Azira was pretty quiet for this match, quite the opposite of his match last week against the Galaxy. He picked up a yellow card and committed four fouls. He needs to create more with Powers being played in a forward position.

Dillon Powers - 8 (7) Dillon had a good evening. He scored the goal with some great movement off the corner. He also distributed well and was a strong presence in the middle. He did pick up a yellow and committed four fouls.

Dominique Badji - 4 (4.98)Badji has speed and can use that speed to get by the defenders. He made a couple runs at players during the Galaxy match, but seemed to go missing from large parts of this match. This is his second year and needs to figure things out or he will be sitting on the bench soon.

Marco Pappa - 7 (7.55) Pappa sure likes to move all over the pitch and it appears that he has Pablo’s blessing to do that. The one problem is that they lost width several times and a few times had three players within five yards. They are all getting used to each other, but they need to figure it out quicker. Had a great cross for the assist on Powers’ goal.

Kevin Doyle - 5 (6.53) This was an average match for Doyle. He just missed getting on the end of a header from Williams, almost scored laying on his back in the six, and held of the ball well at the end of the match to help the Rapids secure a point.

Luis Solignac - 3 (4.80) This was Luis’s chance to come on and be a hero. However, he only had a few chances and the couple chances he just gave away. He came on for Pappa in the 72’.

That is how I saw the match. Enjoy the international break and I will be back with you after the Rapids host Toronto FC.