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March Hair Madness! First Round, TYHAC Bracket

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's hair is the fairest one of all? Or maybe just... who has the best barber? The TYHAC (Turn Your Head and Coif) bracket begins now.

JJ, Nguyen, Caldwell. Lotta good hair, right there.
JJ, Nguyen, Caldwell. Lotta good hair, right there.
Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

First round action in the March Hair Madness Tournament starts now! Our contestants, and the voting down at the bottom. Final tallies to be revealed next week...

Lee Nguyen (1) vs Chance Myers (16)

A sculpted frosty v-top, perfectly treated in a top end salon, matched against all-natural blond locks and a CHP mustache.


Jermaine Jones (9) vs Ambroise Oyongo (8)

Baby dreads? Or bleached blond with a carved streak?


Nat Borchers (5) vs Harrison Afful (12)

I'm not sure a beard should count in this contest. But it's a pretty sweet beard. Afful has kind of a straightened and gel hair island, though. Certainly points are due for originality.


Clement Simonin (13) vs Dominic Oduro (4)

A rumble between north of the border first round foes! Simonin has the shaved sides look that's all the rage with the kids. But Dom Oduro currently sports a mohawk, mini dreaded, dyed blue, with soccer hex patches shaved into his scalp. And his hair will likely change three more times before this article hits.


Kei Kamara (6)  vs Tsubasa Endoh (11)

Vet vs rookie. Kamara's shaved scalp with a top knot is iconic, because nobody else is exactly copying it, and because it feels like his hair is at least partially responsible for all the headers Kei knocks in. Endoh's flowing mop is all natural and fabulous. Maybe an early-round upset brewing?


Kyle Beckerman (3) vs Andy Craven (14)

Hate all you want. Beckerman may be the enemy, but for the Boulder set, those natty dreadlocks are haute couture. You may never have heard of Craven, since he's only made 3 appearances for Seattle, but his hair gives him a shot at future notoriety for something at least.


Gershon Koffie (7) vs David Bingham (10)

Koffie has a more understated (less ridiculous?) version of the Dom Oduro twisted mohawk. And check out the detail work on his scalp! Bingham is consistently clean and pristine every week, both in the goal box and on top his noggin'. He may also lead the league in product amongst 'keepers.


Lucas Melano (2) vs Wil Trapp (15)

This is probably the most straightforward competition. An MLS Cup rematch. Two handsome fellas. Short on the sides, long on top, light on the product.

OK, vote!