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Burgundy Links: 22 March 2016

It's Tuesday Rapids fans and although we don't have a match this weekend, there is plenty to talk about!

Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

Hello Colorado Rapids fans!  As the news slowly dies down about the Tim Howard signing for the Burgundy Boys, the club gets to enjoy a weekend off as they can take their time preparing for Toronto FC.

Here are a few of the soccer stories we are following today:

Much has been written about the pending arrival of Howard, but one person is not happy about it (not that I blame him) is Zac MacMath.  It will be an interesting 3 + months for the Rapids #1.

Here is the MLS team of the week

Clint Dempsey says he is happy to be back with the USMNT.  Well he should not have been dropped in the first place.

Steven Gerrard will play this season.  And maybe next season.  If you were curious.

Seattle is still off to a rough start, but I tend to agree that they will figure it out and be there when it counts.

And here is a list of Tim Howard's ten best saves.