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Be Happy Rapids Fans

I know it's uncomfortable for this fanbase, but it will all be okay

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Its Okay To Be Positive

Good teams always find a way to get results in games that they probably shouldn't. I feel like this is the perfect way to describe the last game against D.C. United. This game was an absolute mess and a horrible display of football. With that being said, United had to come out of that game with 3 points and they didn't. The Colorado Rapids got a result, and would have won if it weren't for a mistake by Zac MacMath. Four points in March is more than anyone expected from this team and its okay to feel good about it! I'll say it again, RAPIDS FANS IT'S OKAY TO FEEL GOOD! Be happy about this team and what they have done so far, and remember we will only get better as the season moves along. I know this because we will be making key additions that will only help this team moving forward.

Tim Howard

This is an amazing move by the Rapids and you are nuts if you think otherwise. There has been a huge mix of responses from fans from all over the world, and I would like to think that the feeling from Colorado is that we are so happy to have Tim. I have been reading around a few other blogs and news sources and this photo has been thrown around quite a bit.

This graphic is usually being shown to show how outrageous it is that the Colorado Rapids will be paying Tim Howard 2.8 million while the entire list of MLS goalkeepers combined don't make that much. To me it's actually not all that outrageous. Remember we are still talking about a player that isn't that far removed from his starting days in the greatest football league in the world. He has been struggling quite a bit as of late, but a change of scenery might be all he needs. To be honest struggling in the Premier League and being a backup is probably close to being an all star in MLS. I would take Tim Howard over any goalkeeper in the league (you don't just get the nickname Secretary of Defense). Ask me again when he's 3 years older and I would STILL take him. He is a guy who will give a massive confidence boost to the back line and when the going gets tough he takes command over the team and is extremely calm under pressure. To me he is worth every single penny and a GIANT improvement over what we have now and would still have been an improvement over Clint Irwin. Welcome Tim Howard!!!!

Jermaine Jones

No analysis needed. An absolute win for the Rapids.

Some Other Quick Thoughts

  • I called out Kevin Doyle last game and he definitely stepped up and deserves the captains arm band.
  • Dominique Badji has so much potential but his inexperience really shows come game day. Look for him to be phased out with the return of Shkelzen Gashi as well as a more fit Marco Pappa.
  • Mekeil Williams is on track to the all star game
  • While I have you here, read this article Zac MacMath Angry. Bottom line is this, if you don't want to be on a roller coaster anymore you have to stop the mistakes. If it's going to be fighting for the starting job here or trying to get one somewhere else, you will have to clean up your game. I hope to see the best football we have ever seen from Zac in the coming months, and absolutely wish him the best moving forward here or with another team.