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Five Quick Takes: Four Points, MacMath's Mettle, and a Half Yard Off

Fess up: how many of you saw the Rapids having four points in March? Let's talk about that, among other things.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Here's some hot takes from the South Stands:

  1. Tim Howard's signing will test Zac MacMath's mettle the next three months. MacMath's days are numbered as the Rapids starter. So now, MacMath is auditioning for his next team.  With Howard signing a three year contract, MacMath will have no interest in sitting on the bench.  And that botched cross that gave away two points Sunday will not help.  Via Paul Carr: Gotta work on that--for the Rapids and for your career. Will the Howard signing strengthen MacMath, or will he be looking over his shoulder?  These next four months will be key for MacMath's career!  We're pulling for you!

  2. I know that draw stunk, but we leave March with four points. Only the most optimistic Colorado Rapids fan saw us having four points at the end of March--but here we are. Two away games at San Jose Earthquakes and a home game against the LA Galaxy?  Many pundits saw us leaving March like a lamb with zero points. As unpredictable as this season is thus far, these four points will be critical as the season wears on.

  3. Thanks, MLS, for overreacting regarding Gashi. Had to throw that in!  Give him a yellow, but a suspension? Make the punishment fit the crime.  

  4. A half-yard off all day. That's what Taylor Twellman noted regarding the Rapids' crossing (except for Marco Pappa's cross to Powers--spot on!). I believe this has to do with chemistry.  We have a lot of new pieces who I believe will gel well as the season marches on. 

  5. Holding up play: Doyle yes, Badji no! Badji is a headscratcher--great pace, such potential.  But he seems to be unable to hold up play at all and win the 50-50 balls. Doyle on the other hand is as tough as jerky--such an asset for a team. Again, if we get those crosses set, Doyle will produce. His career has proven he's solid around goal.