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Celebrate With Your Team, As Long As MLS Approves Of It

MLS has nothing better to do with itself than punish reprehensible acts such as celebrating a last gasp game winning goal.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

By now, you have read this or seen this:

Yep.  Shkelzen Gashi was suspended.  For entering the field of play.  After a 95th minute winner.

OK.  So he is suspended for the D.C. United match.  It is utter bullshit, but that is neither here nor there at this point.

There is just nothing that we can do about it.  Fine.  Whatever.  Major League Soccer can do what they want.

But what is concerning for me is this:  Will MLS be consistent in it's discipline?

If another player enters the field of play will they be suspended?  Will they?  Because MLS has a history of making up shit as they go along.  (See TAM, GAM, weighted lotteries, coin flips, etc).

But along with the discipline Major League Soccer is saying that what Gashi did is as bad as serious foul play:

Come on now.  It's not like he took someone out from behind.  Or told the referee to eff off.  He enter the field of play after a 95th MINUTE WINNER.  Really?  Really?  This is what MLS is concerned with.  They are more concerned with this than say referees missing calls (see the missed handball in the NYCFC-TFC match from last weekend).   Essentially, it's cool to handle the ball and score a goal but running on the field is flawed.

I love this game and I love this league but Major League Soccer is flat out wrong on this.  The match was OVER and yet they suspend a player who DID NOT IMPACT THE REST OF THE MATCH.

Some of you may disagree with me.  That's cool.  Gashi did enter the field of play and maybe he was not aware of the rules that MLS has in place.  And if that's the case, maybe they could warn him rather than costing him a match.

But this insistence of suspending Gashi as the only recourse seems short sided and quite honestly, petulant.  If he had did something egregious that had endangered an opponent, fine.   But you know what MLS.  Gashi celebrated a quality goal that won the Rapids a HUGE game.  I'm sorry you don't like teams celebrating great things and all.  But screw you.  This is wrong and you should be ashamed of yourselves.