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Is the Rapids Front Office Off the Hook Now?

Time heals some wounds--winning heals others. Did Saturday's win over the Whining Arena's let the Rapids Front Office off the hook?

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Rapids 1-0 Galaxy.  Is the front office off the hook?

Some, but not completely.  A little background for those of you who developed an interest in our main interest here after that glorious win Saturday.

One of the beautiful aspects of a blog such as the Burgundy Wave is that this blog is truly a voice of and for the fans. And as such, this blog does not come under the umbrella of KSE or the Colorado Rapids.  It's a blog about our beloved boys in burgundy, not a blog of them.

As a result, we at the BW have spilled much ink (or, rather, lit many pixels) regarding our frustration about the Rapids Front Office.  From coaching to personnel to the fan forum, this blog gives a (mostly) unrestrained opinion regarding the goings-on of our team.  Sometimes we have facts, sometimes we go on hunches and speculate--but it's always out of love for our club.  In fact, I know that every writer at the BW wishes every success to President Hinchey, Bravo, and Mastroeni in the days ahead.  Personally, I hope we can win with this group.  They are part of the Burgundy Family.

I would say after seeing this home opener, that the pieces the Front Office has supplied our coaching staff will come together and make some noise. Four reasons:

  1. Gashi gets used to the punishing MLS schedule and play. Europeans have often commented on the roughness of play here in the States (that's because we're Americans!).  We also play in altitude. This could be the reason he hasn't gone a full 90' yet, but will soon. He has incredible talent, and could score 15-20 goals this year.
  2. Marco Pappa's fitness increases. He came in in the 75' against San Jose, and in the 65' against Los Angeles. DC United's game is on Sunday (ESPN 2, 3:00 pm), giving him an extra day than usual, then they don't play until 13 games later against Toronto FC.  The schedule is in our favor regarding him.
  3. When Kevin Doyle gets off the schneid, Maybe it was his T-shirt night, but he was largely absent (except for the end). He's a guy that needs good service, and the Rapids could have done better by him.  But he's too talented to stay silent.
  4. When they figure out how to play Powers deeper (why can't they see that?), look out! What am I missing?  I saw the starting XI for the Rapids, and said immediately, They are playing him up too far. He excels playing deeper, seeing the pitch better. Help me out here!
But we are at Game 2 of thirty-four, and the Rapids have a long season ahead. But if the first two games are any indication, I believe 2016 will fare much better than 2015.

Time heals some wounds--but winning heals more. We as fans should credit the Front Office for what they have tried to accomplish.  And let's take the high road: if you've found yourself griping and complaining to the front office for when they do something maddening, take time to send them a little love for when they do something well--or at least try to.

Off the hook?  Not entirely. But we can see some light--and that's exactly what Burgundy Nation needs!