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Burgundy Links: 11 March 2016

Happy Friday Rapids Fans!!!!

Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

The end of the work week is finally here and for those of us who Bleed Burgundy, it means we are just over a day from the Colorado Rapids home opener.  As we have been talking about, this is a tough one, but one that the Rapids can win if they play their game.  Will they?  That's why they play it.

Here are some of the soccer stories we are following today:

A terrific article from Rapids beat writer Marco Cummings about what Paul Bravo thinks about success in Commerce City.

Speaking of Rapids v LA Galaxy, there are some injury concerns for LA.

Another MLS trade, of sorts, to check out.

The MLS DisCo has issued some suspensions.  None of them appear to deal with the Rapids.

Interesting thoughts from Frank Lampard and the growth of MLS.

Perry Kitchen move to Scotland and many people were like, what? Well it appears that the USMNT may have backed the idea.