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POLL: Permissible, or a Burgundy Breach of Fan Law?

A small debate took place about a possible footy fan fashion faux pas. You be the judge, and let us know!

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

In an effort to have some fun in the Twitterverse, I threw this hand grenade in the middle of the living room to see what would happen:

As it turns out, I violated some protocol in the equivalent of the Geneva Convention--a Burgundy Breach of Fan Law, Article III, Paragraph 2, subsection B! Happily, our Burgundy Wave Boss informed me of this footy fashion faux pas:

He continues, when a reader suggested someone may wear a Toronto FC scarf with a Rapids jersey to honor Moor and Irwin, he continued:

Everyday is an education, mates! And since the South Stands is dedicated to exploring and evaluating the psyche of the fans, let's hear from you. Take the poll and leave your comments: Is it a breach of Burgundy etiquette, is it a footy fashion faux pas, is it a violation of fan law to mix team kits/scarf combos when going to a match? (For the record, I believe it is not a violation of fan law to, say, wear a USA kit and a burgundy scarf--or vice versa--when going to see our Rapids on July 4--but correct me if I'm wrong.)