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Passionate or Hothead: Was Jermaine Jones Really a Homerun for the Rapids?

I love Jermaine Jones. But are we getting ahead of ourselves in our excitement? Maybe. Or maybe not!

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

OK, OK, I'm pumped about the Jermaine Jones donning the burgundy this coming season.  When I received news about this, I thought it was a fake:  No way the Colorado Rapids would land Jermaine Jones! And yet, here he is.

I love Jermaine Jones' tenacity and passion for the game. And this shot in the 2014 World Cup, June 22, 2014:

Thirty yards out. Freezing the goalkeeper. And that pop when it hits! Boom! But for that passion, you could also be getting a loose cannon. Case in point: It's this action that likely saw his time end in New England, allowed the Rapids to, yes, get him for a good price, but also get him six games in.

This is inexcusable behavior. Do we have the personalities and the leadership in the locker room to keep this in check? This is not the only time we've seen him lose his cool. And given that the Rapids have had their struggles, will the passion help the Rapids like it did the Revs in 2014 that took them to the MLS Cup Final, or will the hotheadedness hurt the Rapids in cases just like this? Again, I'm glad he's here. He can and will be an asset to our team. But incidents like this just cannot happen. Here's hoping we'll see Good Jermaine!