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UPDATE: Colorado Trades For Conor Doyle

This kid should have been ours years ago

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Reports from Soccer Insider have Colorado Rapids and D.C. United executing a trade today:

The Rapids sent DC United a 2017 3rd round SuperDraft pick for Doyle.

Now, what is funny about this is that Conor Doyle should have been a Rapids player if not for MLS having the penchant for changing rules.  Doyle was recruited and trained with the Rapids (he was with Derby County where Rapids President Tim Hinchey has a relationship) but had to come back into the league via the "Weighted Lottery System."

We had some thoughts on it back in 2013 and is a great read from our very own Bulldog Ben

This is a breaking story and will be updated as details become available, but for now what do you think Rapids fans?  Are you excited by this move?  Let us know!