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The Rumor That Won't Die: Tim Howard To Colorado Rapids

Where there is smoke.....

Could this be our new Number One?
Could this be our new Number One?
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Is Tim Howard truly on his way to the Rapids?

Look at it this way, the Colorado Rapids are not normally a team that is associated with many transfer rumors in Major League Soccer.  Sure, we get the occasional bit of press on this or that, but by and large we fly under the radar.

But this off-season has been different.  At different times, since the 2015 season ended, we have been linked with:

Carlos Vela

Alan Pulido

Alejandro Bedoya

Tim Howard

And, we signed Shkëlzen Gashi and Mekeil Williams.

Overall, not a bad bit of business in the off-season.

But again, I ask the question:  is Tim Howard truly on his way to Commerce City?

The rumors are heating up again.  There was no deal during the January transfer window but that does not mean that the deal dead.  More reports are out there that Howard truly is coming to the Rapids.  From Tribal Football:

According to multiple reports, it has been revealed that Howard is now looking for a fresh challenge and is on the verge of sealing his return back to MLS by joining the Rapids at the end of the current Premier League season.

The Tim Howard move has sparked some pretty passionate reaction from Rapids fans.  Our Editor Emeritus had a terrific article detailing why the Rapids should not make this move.

But here is the thing when it comes to Major League Soccer: these kinds of moves happen.  And for the Rapids, there is some sense in this:

1)  You get to bring back a USMNT legend to Major League Soccer and Howard would join a long list of players such as Michael Bradley, Clint Dempsey, Jermaine Jones, Jozy Altidore, etc who are back in MLS.

2)  Yes, Howard is "old" but as a goalkeeper age is less relevant than outfield positions.  His actual age should be less of a concern as opposed to his skill level

3)  Howard is one of the biggest names in US Men's Soccer and would absolutely bring the crowds out to Dick's Sporting Goods Park.   And make no mistake, the Rapids need a draw.  Badly.  Look at last year: crowds were larger for David Villa, Steven Gerrard and Didier Drogba.

4)  Howard is a good veteran.  He is a player who is a leader and has played at the highest level in world soccer.  He is not, and this is not a knock on this player, a James Riley type of character.

5)  The Rapids have the number one allocation spot and a crap load of Target Allocation Money.  They are not stockpiling this for fun.  There is a plan.  And that plan is spelled Tim Howard.

A debate that can be had is whether Howard is an upgrade over Zac MacMath or not.  I will let everyone have that conversation, but I think it is ultimately a Moo Point (there is your Friends reference of the day).

If the Rapids truly want Tim Howard, he will be wearing Burgundy by July.