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Denver Broncos Win; I Keep My Hair

Let's be honest...I am not a good looking bald man

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports


For a while there, I was worried.  That I might actually have to shave my head.

But the Denver Broncos came through for me, and I was able to keep my hair :)

If you have forgotten, our friends at Crown Town Soccer and those of us here at the Wave had a friendly wager on Super Bowl 50.  Here it is--

If the Denver Broncos win, Crown Town Soccer will send Burgundy Wave:

1)  Independence Scarves

2)  One of their contributors will shave a "B and W" into his beard.

3)  A beverage to be named later

If the Carolina Panthers win, Burgundy Wave will send Crown Town Soccer:

1)  The Managing Editor (me) will shave his head bald

2)  The Managing Editor (me) will wear a Carolina Panthers shirt at work

3)  A beverage to be named later

Needless to say, with the 24-10 win for the Broncos, I get to keep my hair.  And the tweeting during the game and its conclusion, may have been fun:

and of course:

Congrats to the Denver Broncos, Super Bowl 50 Champions!