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Kei Kamara to the Rapids: What the what?

Twitter rumors? Contract negotiation? Paul Bravo, pulling off a major coup? Weirdness.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday, while the rest of Denver was getting bedecked in their orangest finery, Columbus Crew SC's striker Kei Kamara, scorer of 22 goals in 2015, sent this tweet:

Which could be interpreted two ways:
He went skateboarding on a sunny day on his longboard, which was a gift from the MLS All-star game. Or...
He's planning a move to the Colorado Rapids.

Kamara is locked in public struggle with the Columbus Crew over pay.

Kamara earned $536,000 in 2015, but wants to renegotiate his contract for 2016. No movement has been reported.

Columbus Crew Twitter quite reasonably freaked the heck out.



and finally, the exceedingly dramatic

This could all be nothing. This could be something. We might know by the end of the Super Bowl.

With the top spot in allocation and possible extra cash in TAM from all their wheeling and dealing, the Rapids may just be stealing one of the best players in MLS right after grabbing one of the best players in the Swiss League. If it happened, it'd be crazy.

Stay tuned. I mean, if you aren't too busy celebrating/mourning the Broncos massive win/crushing defeat.