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Two Reasons Why the Rapids Should Acquire Tim Howard

Let's take a look at the good and the bad for Howard coming to the Colorado Rapids.

Clive Rose/Getty Images

So, Tim Howard wants almost $20 million over four years to come to the Colorado Rapids?  If this were a foreign film, allow me to provide subtitles:

There's no way I want to come to the Colorado Rapids.

His agent and he knew that the Rapids could not afford this on their own, and even if they had help from MLS, it would be unfeasible and rather ludicrous to spend money.

But before we get into this, what positives could we see from a bank-breaking Tim Howard signing?

  1. Fantastic public relations move. Many Americans saw Howard's prowess on display in the 2014 World Cup, especially that beauty he had against Belgium.  He's a name.  He's an American. With fannies in the seats and merchandise flying off the shelves, this could very much be a win.
  2. Leadership.  Howard would provide much-needed leadership in the locker room and on the pitch.  Given his resume, he could likely be the wisest and most knowledgeable guy in the entire organization.  The $5 million per year could almost be justified.  Almost.  This could be quite Kaka-esque!
Two completely legitimate reasons (in my mind, at least) of why this could work.  And yet, I come up with even more reasons why they shouldn't.
  1. The money. A lot of it. This could well be Howard's way of saying, "What can we do to deter my next move being to the Colorado Rapids?  I know!  Let's make it ridiculous!  Then the Rapids will exit, then another team with deep pockets will come in to pay me the money."  Whether NYCFC, Atlanta FC, or another team would be willing to pay the coin to take a bigger step in gaining traction, time will tell.
  2. Development. How many other young or not-so-young players could be acquired and developed in MLS with $20 million?
  3. He's a goalkeeper. Spending that money on a striker (Giovinco, Kaka) or a midfielder who could truly run the team (Michael Bradley) is justifiable.  A goalkeeper?  One of Howard's caliber could save a number of goals per game, but at $5 million a year?  Hard pulling the trigger on that one.
So yes, two reasons why they should, and three reasons why they shouldn't.  What do you think?  Any good reason to acquire Tim Howard for that amount of money?