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Colorado Rapids vs Houston Dynamo: How to Watch, Live Stream and More

The Rapids will be looking for their first win of the Desert Diamond Cup tonight in Tucson

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Rapids return to Desert Diamond Cup action tonight as they play Western Conference rivals Houston Dynamo in a 7PM MST kick-off.   The Rapids lost their opener in the DDC after a 3-1 defeat to USL side Swope Park Rangers while Houston will be playing their first game in the Cup.

The goal for the Rapids:  Improve over a very lackluster performance.

What to Watch For:

1)  Improvement: I don't want to get too worried about the result to Swope Park Rangers.  It is, after all, just preseason and there are many more games to go.  And while a win tonight would be nice, it is not necessary if the Rapids show improvement over their last match.

2)  Combination and Link Up: The Rapids have been trying to improve their play coming out of the back, and they looked to make strides towards this in their earlier preseason games.  But against Rangers, they struggled to get the ball forward and there seemed to be some confusion between the backline and midfield when they had possession.  This caused a number of cheap giveaways by the Rapids and limited a number of chances for the Rapids.  This is something that needs to change.

3)  What is Dillon's position: There has been much debate as to what position that Dillon Powers should be playing.  Is he a defensive midfielder?  Is he a attacking midfielder?  Should he be on the wing?   I feel that Powers should be played in the middle, but this is something that needs to be figured out.   The Rapids are a better team when Powers is on the field, but he needs to played in the right spot and that spot should be spelled out for him.

How to Watch:

Match Date/Time: Saturday, 20 February 2016 at 7:00 PM MST

Venue: Kino North Grandstand--Tucson, Arizona

TV Information: NONE

Live Stream Information: The Rapids will be hosting a live stream (with commentary) at their website or their official YouTube Channel.

Predicted Starting XI:

Honestly, a prediction of a starting lineup for a preseason game is nearly impossible, but I do think that you will continue to see the Rapids try different players and give 22 players the chance to shine tonight.

We will have a full recap of this match and analysis shortly after its conclusion.