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Colorado Rapids MatchDay: Three Thoughts vs Swope Park Rangers

It's just preseason.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports


Don't go jumping out your basement window just yet, Colorado Rapids fans.  It's only preseason.

It was only preseason.  So let's keep that in mind.

But, I am so very disappointed.  Probably as disappointed as my Dad was with me when I brought the car home in high school at 5AM with some damage to it.

The Rapids lost 3-1 to a USL side.

Let that sink in

But what can be taken from this?  Here are my thoughts:

1)  No time to panic--it is only preseason.  Let's not freak out yet.  This is the whole point of preseason games.  To experiment with lineups, formations, etc.  The Rapids (evidently) started with a 4-3-3 against Swope Park Rangers which is probably not the formation they run with this year.  But this is the time to try this.  So, good on you Pablo Mastroeni.

2)  But damn.  A USL Side--it's only preseason.  Let's not freak out yet, but this is bad.  So very bad.  The Rapids were terrible on defense.  They looked slow and old and could not hardly get anything right in the back.  Rangers did not threaten that much and the Rapids gave up three goals.  This is not good.  Not good at all.

3)  That Defense.  That Offense--one of the areas that was supposed to be fixed was along the backline.  And the front line.  Well, both areas struggled.  The defense struggled with the speedier Rangers offensive players and the front line looked lethargic going forward.  The defense did not start the attack in the back and the midfield did very little to get the ball moving and the offense...Well they generated but one shot on goal.  Regardless of opponent, that is not going to be good enough.

The Rapids are back in action this Saturday at 7:00 PM MST against Houston Dynamo