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Burgundy Links: 18 February 2016

Look, let's try to forget that Rapids loss

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports


I know it's only preseason, but wow that was a pretty poor performance by the Burgundy Boys.  Again, I know it's only preseason, but that is pretty embarrassing Colorado Rapids.

So aside from this ugly loss last night, what other soccer stories are we following:

Daniel Boniface from The Denver Post gives his thoughts on who he thinks will be the opening day starters for the Rapids.  Not sure I completely agree with him on one or two spots, but he is pretty consistent with what we have been saying.

So Jurgen Klinsmann does not want people playing in MLS.  Or does he?

Obafemi Martins is officially going to China.  I know he played for that team in the Pacific Northwest, but still...this sucks

Sacramento (in my opinion) should be team 24 (over Miami) but I think they get their chance.  Here is another city that looks to be ready for MLS

The Rapids are having a kit party on March 10.  Plan to be there Rapids fans.