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Game Recaps: Colorado Rapids 1:3 Swope Park Rangers

The theme of the night: Buffering

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Rapids opened their Desert Diamond Cup play this evening in Tucson, Arizona against USL side Swope Park Rangers that started quite poorly for the better...and then ultimately was a disappointment.

The Rapids had the misfortune of giving up a preventable goal to Rangers in the first minute as Bobby Burling and Axel Sjoberg got mixed up and gave up a clear shot on Zac MacMath.  That seemed to settle the Rapids down some and they were able to tie the score at one after Dominique Badji got on the end of service from Dillon Powers.

The second half started much brighter for the Rapids as they were able to control more of the ball and their passing was much more crisp.   Stephen Keel, Dillon Serna and Caleb Calvert had opportunities, but ultimately Rangers scored a goal in the 63rd minute.

The Rapids searched for an equalizer, but were unable to do so despite piling on the pressure against Rangers, but ended up on the wrong side of a 2-1 deficit.  It got worse for the Rapids as they gave up a 90th minute goal that was from a long, long way out to go down 3-1.

The Rapids are back in action on Saturday at 7:00 PM against Houston Dynamo.

First Half Lineup:

Zac MacMath, Marlon Hairston, Bobby Burling, Axel Sjoberg, Mekeil Williams, Jared Watts, Micheal Azira, Dillon Powers, Dominique Badji, Luis Solignac, Kevin Doyle

Second Half Lineup:

Chris Froschauer, Dennis Castillo, AJ Cochran, Stephen Keel, Marc Burch, Sam Cronin, Emmanuel Appiah, Zach Pfeffer, Conor Doyle, Dillon Serna, Caleb Calvert.


1st Minute--Swope Park Rangers

19th Minute--Colorado Rapids--Dominique Badji

63rd Minute--Swope Park Rangers

90th Minute--Swope Park Rangers


44th Minute--Caution--Colorado Rapids--Jared Watts