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Rapids pass on Stage 2 of the Re-entry Draft

Thirty-one players are now available to negotiate with any MLS team for the 2017 season. Including Blas Perez.

Philadelphia Union v Real Salt Lake Photo by Gene Sweeney Jr/Getty Images

Stage 2 of the MLS Re-entry draft came and went uneventfully today, with the Rapids electing not to take any MLS players currently out of contract. Additionally, forward Conor Doyle, who spent 2016 with the Rapids, was not selected by any other MLS teams.


Four MLS teams did elect to select players. Former Galaxy defender Leonardo was selected by the Houston Dynamo; Toronto FC’s Josh Williams was picked by the Columbus Crew; RSL’s Olmes Garcia was selected by San Jose; and DC United’s backup GK Andrew Dykstra was picked by Sporting Kansas City.

Players selected in Stage 2 enter into exclusive negotiating with their selecting team. MLS rules stipulate “If a player is selected, the drafting club will be required to make a genuine offer to the player within seven days. In the event that an agreement cannot be reached between the drafting club and the player, the drafting club will hold the Right of First Refusal for that player in MLS.”

The full roster of re-entry list players can be found here. Some names on the list, like Daigo Kobayashi, Dylan Remick, Bryan Meredith, and Patrick McLain, have already been taken or were re-signed by their previous clubs.

The remaining players on the list are free to negotiate with any MLS team. More than likely, some players will offer their services to teams abroad, and others will go to training camp with an MLS team as trialists, trying to snag a contract with a club. Some lucky players will sign deals within MLS before that point.

A few intriguing names should be of interest to MLS clubs. Razvan Cocis is a solid midfield option, although, as the Chicago Fire learned, he’s probably more suited to being bench depth or a substitute than he is to being an everyday starter. Steve Clark and Chris Konopka are both capable goal keepers that can at least backup in this league. Chris Klute and Jordan Stewart are quality fullbacks that may attract interest. And Pedro Morales and Cristian Maidana are both talented, even if they underperformed their pay-grades in 2016.

In other news, Blas Perez was not selected, and is without a team. Hopefully MLS teams are done with Blas Perez, and MLS fans no longer need to be tormented by his cheap-shotting, his flopping, or his whining any longer. On some level, I will kind of miss that.

On another level...