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Rapids pass in Stage 1 of MLS Re-Entry Draft

Many players are still available in Stage 2, which takes place next Friday, December 23.

Portland Timbers v Vancouver Whitecaps Photo by Rich Lam/Getty Images

Although three MLS teams picked up out-of-contract players in Stage 1 of the 2016 MLS Re-Entry draft on Friday, the Colorado Rapids elected to pass on all of the players available. The Houston Dynamo selected former Seattle defender Dylan Remick, Orlando drafted ex-Chicago goalkeeper Patrick McLain, and the Seattle Sounders picked goalkeeper Bryan Meredith, formerly of San Jose. Colorado Rapids player Conor Doyle was not selected, and remains available to MLS teams going forward.

Players selected in Stage 1 are all out-of-contract with their prior MLS clubs, or have not had their club options picked up. In Stage 1, MLS teams may select a re-entry draft player, but must pick up the terms of the players club option at the same or higher salary. Players not selected in Stage 1 can be selected in Stage 2, where the player and the selecting MLS club are free to negotiate a new deal.

Here is the list of available players for Friday’s draft.

Several names on the re-entry draft list might have been of interest to the Rapids. Having parted with Sebastien Le Toux, and with Dillon Serna recovering from a torn ACL, the Rapids may need to fortify the wings before the 2017 season. Daigo Kobayashi, Mark Sherrod, and former Rapid Sanna Nyassi all might have played that role. All earned less than $150,000 in 2016, with Sherrod on a contract for $63,000.

With the departure of Jermaine Jones, the Rapids are without a clear starter to play as their central attacking midfielder. Cristian Maidana and Pedro Morales are both playmaking midfielders, although both had disappointing 2016 campaigns with teams that finished the year at the bottom of the MLS table. Maidana earned $237,600 in 2016, while Morales earned $1.47 million ,so both can be considered expensive in relation to their production. Maidana had 3 goals, 4 assists in 21 starts for Houston in 2016, but had 15 assists in 2015 with Philadelphia. Morales, meanwhile, had 9 goals, 6 assists in 26 starts this season. Either might be a tangible option at a lower price, meaning either might be a target for Stage 2 of the Re-Entry draft.