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MLS releases protected lists for 2016 Expansion Draft

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Let’s see who the Colorado Rapids protected (and left unprotected).

MLS: Sporting KC at Colorado Rapids Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports


MLS just released the list of protected players for all teams for the 2016 MLS Expansion Draft. The draft is coming up tomorrow, and as a reminder:

  • Atlanta United FC will choose first, and then they will go back and forth with Minnesota United FC.
  • Unlike previous years, the teams will choose five players each, for a total of five rounds. Usually, the teams pick 10 players each.
  • Once a player from a team has been chosen, no other person from that team can be chosen in a future round (aka that team is off the table).

With further ado, the team we care most about on the list, the Colorado Rapids:

After today’s contract announcements, I’m a little surprised about some of the unprotected players. In a press release this morning, Colorado Rapids President Tim Hinchey was quoted as saying “this core group of players will play a key role in our long-term plans and we are excited to build on the success achieved on and off the pitch in 2016.” Yet we see a couple of these core defenders on the unprotected list. I’m very surprised to see Marc Burch, Bobby Burling, and Jared Watts all on the unprotected list.

Turns out, neither Rapids Rabbi nor I got the final list right. Check out our predictions to see how close we were to the actual list. All of the team’s protected and unprotected players lists are over on

Now that you know who is protected, do you think anyone will get taken in the draft? If so, who might be at the top of ATLUTD or MNUFC’s lists?