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Colorado Rapids hold first annual awards gala

The Rapids honored two players with the Team MVP Award.

Abbie Mood

On Tuesday, November 1, the Colorado Rapids’ first annual awards gala was held at Kevin Taylor’s Opera House in Denver. If you missed it, I would highly recommend going next year if you can - there was basically an open bar (wine and beer was free, but you could buy other drinks), delicious food, and the opportunity to rub elbows with the players. The venue was really nice, and everything was well-organized.

Rapids President Tim Hinchey said, “I think most clubs, especially the clubs overseas [and I spent a little time of there], they take a moment of reflection at the end of the regular season, regardless of where they go, and they get the players together, the staff together, the sponsors together, and they just celebrate the season no matter what... having an event like this, which also benefits charity, is just something that we’ve always wanted to do.”

The MCs for the event were Conor McGahey and Richard Fleming, who did a wonderful job of keeping everything rolling along. Besides hanging out with the players, another highlight of the night was the awards (aka the main reason for the event). Not just for players, some staff members were recognized for exceptional service as well.

You can find the complete list of awards here, but what I found most notable was that the Team MVP was given to both Zac MacMath and Tim Howard. MacMath’s work in goal really set the bar for when Howard arrived, and he’s done a great job. To many of us “outsiders” it may have seemed like a seamless transition.

According to Rapids Defender of the Year Axel Sjoberg, “with Zac, we had the opportunity to work with him in preseason, and he was here last year as well, so going into the season I think we were very comfortable playing with him and playing out of the back with him.

When Tim came in, he was very adamant and honest about what he wanted from us and how he sees the game. So what we did right away was have a meeting and he said ‘this is what I’ve seen in previous games, and I’m not trying to change that, but I want to be a part of it, and how can I be a part of it?’ While it probably seems seamless, there is a lot of work behind the scenes that goes into it for sure.”

At the end of the regular season, MacMath and Howard had each played 17 games. Howard earned seven shutouts with 1.12GAA, while MacMath earned six shutouts with 0.76GAA.

Sjoberg, Howard, and Pablo Mastroeni are all nominated for MLS Awards as well.

For pictures of the award winners and from A Burgundy Affair, check out