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Jermaine Jones: Free Agent Baby (?)

JJ out? To Mexico? Europe? China?

MLS: Western Conference Championship-Seattle Sounders at Colorado Rapids Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Minutes after coming off the field in a 1-0 loss that eliminated the Colorado Rapids from the MLS Cup playoffs, Rapids midfielder Jermaine Jones announced to the Denver Post, to twitter, and to the world, that he is gone, baby, gone.

In a tweet that was immediately deleted, JJ pulled the rip cord just minutes after putting in a solid shift in the defeat to Seattle Sounders. Speaking to Daniel Boniface of the Denver Post, Jermaine said “I’m a free agent now. I will sit back and see what comes. I’m not scared to go back to Europe or scared to go to Mexico or somewhere.”

Although Jones is not a free agent in MLS terms - that would require longer service time within the league - his contract with the Rapids has expired. He is able to transfer to another league as a free agent with no limitations whatsoever.

The 35 year-old Jones leaves the Rapids after a good, yet suspension and injury shortened season. JJ played in just 9 regular season matches for the 2016 Rapids, scoring 3 goals and tallying 2 assists in mostly the attacking playmaker role. In the Rapids playoff run, Jermaine played in 4 matches and recorded 1 assist.

We want to wish Jermaine Jones well. He was a great character for the team and an energizing presence. Maybe he could have waited 24 hours and written a nice letter to the fans first, but Jermaine’s impetuousness in going in two-footed to a tackle is, apparently, the way he runs his twitter handle too, and we’re cool with that. I do want to provide JJ with a final reminder that this whole arrangement was our damn idea here at Burgundy Wave.