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What a day for high school soccer in Colorado: Three State Champions Crowned

Boulder, The Classical Academy and Kent Denver are your Boys Soccer High School State Champions

Boulder and Broomfield High Schools play at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park for the state championship under an almost full moon.
Boulder and Broomfield High Schools play at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park for the state championship under an almost full moon.
Peter Soeth

The Colorado Rapids were off this weekend but that did not mean there was no soccer at Dick's Sporting Goods Park. The CHSSA boys soccer championships were at Dick's in 3A, 4A, and 5A.

The match of the night was the 5A championship between Boulder and Broomfield High Schools. Boulder scored early in the first half off a nice curler from the 18 from Simon Julien. Broomfield looked out of sync the rest of the first half.

In the second half, Broomfield came out a different team and was able to get a goal three minutes in when Armando Ocampo scored to equalize it 1-1. That is how it would stay until the end of regulation and 30 minutes of overtime.

Not to say that there was not action during this time and some no-calls that could have ended it.

Late in regulation, a Broomfield player looked like he was pushed from behind right on the edge of the goal box, but no call was made. Just after that, Boulder had a penalty appeal when the ball fell to a Boulder player right on the penalty spot, but a Broomfield player came sliding in, knocking the ball away, and catching the player. No call was made.

A bigger appeal for Broomfield came in the first overtime. A Broomfield player had a breakaway and was taken down from behind in the box. I thought a penalty would be awarded, but none was.

This match went to penalties, and while you hate to determine the state champion this way, it was epic.

Each team made its first three kicks. Broomfield missed their fourth and Boulder had their fourth saved. Each team made it to the 11th round when Broomfield made their kick and things got interesting.

The Broomfield goalie made the save and as his teammates ran to celebrate with him, the referee on the goal line ran in and waived off the attempt, ruling a re-kick because the goalie came off the line early.

However, Boulder changed the person taking the kick. Per CHSSA rules this is not allowed. In the rules for this situation, the coaches provide a list of five names. If the penalty kicks go past the five, the coaches provide a list of five more names, and so on. Boulder should not have been allowed to change the kicker, he should have had to retake the kick.

The two sides exchanged kicks for two more rounds and in the 14th round, the Boulder keeper made a big save, also coming off the line early, giving the Panthers the edge. If you are going to call it on Broomfield for coming off the line, than it should be called on Boulder, too.

Boulder then converted in the 14th round to win the 5A championship.

Now, both keepers were coming off the line early on all the attempts. It was not called when Broomfield missed or when Boulder's was saved. But it was called in the critical situation when Broomfield could have won the matc,h and it was not called when Boulder made a save to allow them an opportunity to win it. Referees need to be consistent, not only for the players but for the sanctity of the game.

In the 4A Championship, The Classical Academy in Colorado Springs defeated Battle Mountain 7-1.

In the 3A Championship, Kent Denver beat Jefferson Academy in penalty kicks 3-2.

Congratulations to all the teams playing for a state championship today and especially the champions—Boulder, The Classical Academy, and Kent Denver.

If you are a high school referee and have any clarification on what happened in penalties in the Boulder-Broomfield game I would like to know, so please leave a comment below. But something is just not right in how it was carried out in the match tonight.