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Injury Update: Jermaine Jones, Kevin Doyle, and Bobby Burling

Looks like they’re making some progress!

MLS: Colorado Rapids at New England Revolution Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, the Colorado Rapids and the Denver Broncos held an event for local kids called “Football vs. Fútbol.” I caught up with Bobby Burling and asked how his toe was doing. Burling felt like he had “finally turned a corner” and the “end goal is obviously the play-offs.” He was hoping to start practicing again this week and be back on the pitch sooner rather than later. When I went to practice on Tuesday, he was out there with the rest of the team, so I don’t know exactly when he will be back, but things are looking good.

I also talked to Pablo Mastreoni on Tuesday (more coming soon about that), and he mentioned Kevin Doyle and Jermaine Jones. I asked if they would be back for the playoffs, and he said: “Kevin Doyle, for sure, and we’re seeing some great improvement in Jermaine, and so the expectation is that, you know, hopefully in the next week or two he’ll be training with us and then he’ll be available for the playoffs.”

Doyle was also scrimmaging, and scored a couple times, so hopefully that’s a sign of things to come. Jones was working on some rehab stuff, moving laterally, kicking, etc. while the rest of the guys scrimmaged. He did some easy sprints and looked pretty relaxed.

But we all know that nothing is guaranteed, so whatever your superstition of choice may be (crossing fingers, knocking on wood, whatever), it’s time to bust it out. And maybe we’ll get that first round bye, and then have a full strength squad come playoff time (knock on wood).

Update to the update: According to MLS Soccer (thanks Marco!), all three of them participated in drills in practice on Wednesday. If things continue as expected, Doyle will likely get some playing time this weekend.